Coca-Cola Foundation Appoints Saadia Madsbjerg

The Coca Cola Company has announced Saadia Madsbjerg to resume the office of the Vice President of Global Community Affairs for the Coca-Cola Foundation.
She’s expected to join the Company 1st of June as she will be managing the operations of the Foundation which includes Financial Requirements, Grants Making and Regulatory Compliance for Domestic and International Philanthropy.
According to the Chief Communications, Sustainability & Strategic Partnerships Officer at The Coca-Cola Company Bea Perez ” We are thrilled to have someone of her caliber and look forward Saadia building on the great history of the Coca-Cola Foundation.”
 Saadia Madsbjerg in her speech said:  “I’m thrilled to join The Coca-Cola Foundation, which has a built a remarkable legacy over a period of nearly 40 years through giving more than $1 billion to meaningful programs impacting communities worldwide. I look forward to working with the Foundation’s partners and grantees in Atlanta and around the world.”
Madsbjerg is a former managing director of The Rockefeller Foundation, where she led efforts to seed-fund the development and launch of new financial instruments and partnerships designed to channel money from capital markets toward sustainable development.
“Madsbjerg brings years of experience in corporate strategy and philanthropy, as well as in launching and leading sustainable, impact investing programs across public and private sectors to address challenges such as climate change, inequality and humanitarian crises.”
Before joining The Rockefeller Foundation, Madsbjerg was senior vice president for strategic planning at the New York City Economic Development Corp. She led a portfolio of projects focused on transformative opportunities for creating a more equitable and resilient economy.
Madsbjerg also previously worked in the technology sector at Cisco Systems, advising Fortune 500 companies and public sector institutions on how innovative technology could help create new business models and address critical challenges, such as social and economic challenges caused by an aging society.
Prior to Cisco, Madsbjerg was an associate principal at McKinsey & Co., where she advised multinational companies on corporate strategy.
She is also a co author of Making Money Moral, a book that tracks the growth of sustainable and impact investing and features first-hand stories of innovations unlocking private-sector capital to solve critical challenges of the 21st century.
Saadia Madsbjerg , bagged a bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Copenhagen Business School. She will be relocating to Atlanta from New York. Madsbjerg will report to Perez and succeeds Helen Price, who retired in 2020.
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