Pepper Soup Recipe

Pepper soup is a spicy and a little watery soup commonly eaten in the West African region.

The spicy soup is mostly made with fish most especially Cat fish or Tilapia fish. Some are being prepared with Beef or Goat meat.


Catfish or tilapia fish with boil plantain
scent leaf
fresh pepper
pepper soup spice


for your catfish or Tilapia fish,remove the intestines,
put in a spacious bowl,
pour in medium heated water(not too boil,just hot enough to remove slime from your fish)

let sit for about 10 mins then wash the fishes  using your hands and a knife(this way the slippery gel will  easily washed away and using hot water makes your fish firmer and it prevents it from breaking while cooking).

After washing off the slippery gel,rinse off with water,and rinse again with warm salted water and put in your pot.

Blend or grate your pepper,
chop your onions into tiny bits
pick,wash and cut your scent leaf

In your pot containing your fish,cut your lemon into halves and squeeze in the juice from half of your lemon on your fish,add your pepper soup spice ,,salt, seasoning,onions ,massage evenly till the spices are evenly spread in your fish,cover and let sit for 30 mins or more(101 of marinating).

once well marinated,add in your pepper,add water just above the quantity of your fish or as much as you want your pepper soup to come out,stir gently and cover ,let stay for about 10 mins and set on fire

Bring to boiling point and check for taste,adjust if neccessary,cover and allow to cook till your fish is evenly cooked and ready to be consumed.

Add in your scent leaf or any other leaf of your choice,stir gently,and let cook for about a min,turn off your heat and your catfish or Tilapia fish pepper soup is ready to be served.

Enjoy with suitable food,or just pepper soup alone with a chilled drink.


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