In a virtual press conference almost a week after winning the national pageant, Arnold revealed that among the projects of DOST, she loves the Invent School Program the most, where students create ideas and inventions while the agency helps them through workshops.

“I want to say thank you to the Department of Science and Technology for watching the coronation night and for acknowledging that we truly do need scientists’ help to prevent another pandemic,” said Arnold, who is an Applied Science in Forensic Studies graduate from the University of Canberra.

According to the beauty queen, the government program encourages students to continue developing inventions that may be vital in preventing future disasters and problems such as the pandemic.

Arnold hopes that she can have a chance to visit the students during her reign.

“They [students] go through a workshop with them [DOST] to encourage them to keep on going and to prevent future issues, disasters. I heard that the applications closed yesterday so maybe with my reign, I can visit these students and see what they are making,” she quipped.

On social media, DOST congratulated Arnold for raising the science and technology flag on the pageant stage.

“Thank you, Ms. Hannah Arnold for proudly raising the S&T flag and for encouraging the young generations to pursue a career in science,” the post said.

“Let’s bring more science and technology presence in the international stage, even in beauty pageants.”

Arnold, on the other hand, was happy that her science degree helped show that pageant candidates are more than just a pretty face.

“I am so glad they really acknowledged it and showed that we all have beautiful backgrounds wherein [there is an] infinite variability of women, we have a lot to bring. We can also balance being a scientist and a beauty queen,” she added.

Arnold will represent the country in Miss International 2021, which is set to be held in Japan in November.

Source: ABS News