Procter and Gamble’s Always launch feminine wellness app to promote wellbeing

Procter and Gamble’s feminine care brand, Always has launched the Always You app- a period tracker and wellness app in partnership with Thrive Global, a behavior change technology company.

Always You is a free mobile app designed to help women track period cycles, bladder leakage and mood fluctuations as it also incorporates behavioral change tools provided by Thrive Global. Through the app, users can track their wellness – from period to stress levels; track their menstrual cycle and moods to better understand overall wellness; track their wellness and learn how to improve well-being; and interact with expert content, tips and Microsteps from Thrive Global to prioritize your mental and physical well-being.

Laura Magon, senior director of Procter & Gamble for Global Fem Care Innovations, said in a statement: “Always has been working to help build girls’ confidence for more than 35 years, and we are always looking for ways to do more. Our consumers have been using our online period tracker in our Always website for years, and we are now making it more accessible with our new Always You Mobile App. And like everything we do at Always, we saw an opportunity to continue our social impact by turning this into another way for consumers to contribute to help #EndPeriodPoverty.”

Users can also get exclusive access to personalized expert tips and content from Always and Thrive Global — plus Microsteps (small steps that lead to healthier habits and sustainable changes in your life) that you can try and track every day.

Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO of Thrive Global stated: “At Thrive, we’re passionate about creating technology that has an impact on people’s lives, and Always You is a perfect example. We’re not just giving people a period tracker. We’re supporting them and celebrating them with our whole human approach to well-being, and providing too-small-to-fail Microsteps they can take immediately to improve their wellness and build confidence.”

Always You has made a commitment to give back by donating period products to underserved individuals. The app awards users donation points when they track their health, complete a Microstep or engage with a piece of content. For every 100 points earned, Always will donate one period product to a partnering nonprofit organization, up to a maximum donation of 1,000,000 pads.

Users earn 20 points for every period or bladder leak event tracked with a maximum of 200 points for period events per month and 10 points per day by completing all Microsteps, and five points for each piece of content consumed.

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