Kemi Fabusoro – There is need for stringent advertising framework

The Director/Executive Secretary of the Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN) Kemi Fabusoro has stressed the need to include in the regulatory body’s operation, terms for violation and penalty for offenders, arguing that such inclusion will help it to achieve an effective, result-oriented advertising framework.

She stated this while giving her assessment of Nigeria’s advertising ecosystem during a one-on-one interview with MARKETING EDGE. In her view, such framework, if achieved, will help to consolidate the industry to an extent, as the need for improvement is long overdue. She noted that the AAAN has been pushing for the updated framework for a while now, explaining that the updated framework once approved for operation, will capture all activities within the advertising industry.

“With the updated framework, we will be able to capture everything that we have ever wanted to push as an association and we will also protect our members. Once we are able to do that, I believe the future of advertising is very bright.”

The marketing communication expert went further to add: “You know there are things we say we don’t do, but there are no penalties attached to them. The issue of the framework will also look at these other things. We noticed that there are some gaps, but we will ensure that the updated framework capture every aspect freely, so that when people go against these things, there will be severe penalties for it.”

The first female director of the AAAN continued: “We are also going to the point where non-members of the association should not go for pitch with clients or any government-related business. Those are the things that are in the pipeline, but have not been signed on. Implementation is very weak at the moment, but we will continue to work with what we have to help our members stand out.”

The advertising expert, while expressing her passion for the industry, also pointed out that the association is advocating for the inclusion of pitch feecode into the framework to enable agencies work accordingly.

“The issue of pitch fee is one area that I am also extremely passionate about. For us, the pitch fee is another cause we have been championing and it is something that we know we have to put in the framework. Aside from creating laws, which people can abuse overtime, we want it to become the code in which if violated, there can be a penalty.”

Mrs. Fabusoro also mentioned that in the bid to promote agency-client relationship, there is urgent need for stakeholders’ engagement. “We want to create a stakeholders engagement or forum where we will have client/agency engagement to discuss and also educate clients on how to deal with pitches, to make the situation a lot easier. It will create a platform where everyone bares his or her mind on issues bothering them and then we will be able to grow the industry together and have mutual respect for one another.”

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