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Coca-Cola Appoints Bunmi Adeniba As Marketing Director

The Coca-Cola Company has appointed leading marketing professional, Bunmi Adeniba as its new Coca-Cola‘s Marketing Director.

Bunmi is currently the Acting President of the Advertisers’ Association of Nigeria (ADVAN) and the Regional Vice-President for Africa of the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA).

In her new role at The Coca-Cola Company, she will be overseeing the marketing activities of the carbonated soft drink (CSD) giant, ensuring that they win consistently in this highly competitive market.

She is also one of the leading amazons in Nigeria’s branding and marketing industry.  She is an experienced marketing professional and commercial operator with cross-functional experience in brand building, new category development, innovation management, and quality management.

She also has a strong passion for people, coaching, and building high-performance teams.

Bunmi has worked in multinationals such as Cadbury Nigeria Plc, Mondelez International, Reckitt, among others where she has contributed to the growth of the brands

Commenting on her career path and how she ventured into branding and marketing industry, Bunmi said she actually did not choose branding and marketing at the onset. I think my natural inkling to curiosity and deep thoughts steered me to it.

“Starting off at the Quality Control end of things, I was genuinely intrigued at the number of goodies I knew some of the brands I was then accountable for packed in their formulations. I used to wonder if the consumers really knew what we had ‘loaded’ into these products”

“These thoughts stayed with me a while and quickly morphed into ‘perhaps we are not giving them what they really want?’ ‘Are we gold-plating when all they want is this minimum viable offering?’ ‘Do we really understand the consumer expectation?’ Then I went into another season of questioning whether consumers really wanted basic products or if they wanted a fusion of social needs and shared values expressed by their brands”

“I finally decided to do something about all these thoughts and ponderings. I took a career break, went off to study, and came back to the support of the organisation and visionary leaders at the time who supported my career switch and helped me thrive.”

She said she started off at Cadbury as a management trainee and with glee, I still describe my one-year stint as a solid mini MBA, both in class and off class during the rotational stints.



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