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Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye- Every woman should build her home with wisdom

Wife of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye have said every woman should build her home with wisdom.

Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye said this in the annual Women in Ministry Conference themed The Ever Increasing Christian Woman,held today Saturday 12th February 2022 across every redeemed Christian church of God parishes world wide.

She Said for every woman to increase ” you must accept Jesus Christ as your personal life and saviour, It is a good thing to increase; if Jesus can increase, it is good for us to increase”

While buttressing on increase, she said ” before a woman can increase, a woman must build her home with wisdom, Deborah, Esther, Abigail her good examples in the bible”

She further said” to grow in stature is to grow in maturity. Because Jesus grow in stature, He was able to go ahead of people, even in the temple, He was teaching with authority”

PasTor Folu said” As a woman in RCCG, you must grow in knowledge, intelligently”

In her teaching, she highlighted how Jesus did increase by saying” Jesus was obedient even to the in the cross. So women should be obedient so they can be promoted”

She further stated that ” Jesus was diligent, so women should be diligent n their works. Deborah is a good example. She was a Judge over a Nation, she was able to judge Isreal for 40 years. If a woman is lazy, she can not find favour from the Lord. Doing what you should for your house hold, preparing for people that lives with you, this is what we call diligence.”

She further by saying” to find favour from God, you must meditate day and night, you will flourish when you meditate in the word of God, Jesus was humble. As a woman, we should humble. Humility will help us to say the will of God will be done in our lives. Humility must be your watchword. It must be part of our lives. We need to humble ourselves. The saviour of the world humbled himself”

She said that ” if you want the favour, you must live a Holy life. Hebrew 1:9. You must resist temptation. Abide in the word, so the word can justify you. Our faith must increase in daily basis. We can not please God without faith. Manage your faith by surrendering to God. Let’s have faith in God. Believe in the will of God. God is a rewarder of those that have faith in God.”

She further said” prayer is important. While we have a prayer of Thanksgiving, it opens doors for other blessings. Jesus taught us to give. When you give, you have increasing wealth. Give out things, so you can have favour from God. Live in an ever increasing life. It is a good thing to find favour with God. When you find favour from God,you will surely find favour with Man.”

She echoed that ” if you do not increase, yo will decrease. Never you think you have arrived. You must increase in growth and in stature.”

Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye Concluded by saying” once you are in Lord’s side, He will increase our in Stature and in all spheres.”

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