University of Lafia’s Lecturer, Family Brutally Assaulted Female Student

L-R: Dr. Fred Ekpe Ayokhai and Blessing Mathias

By Mene Prosper

A senior Lecturer of the Department of History and International Studies at the Federal University of Lafia (FULAFIA), Dr. Fred Ekpe Ayokhai has brutally assaulted a female student, Blessing Mathias, in a viral video on social media, for fighting with his daughter, Emanuella Onowagie over a man.

According to reports the incident happened on Friday 21st of october 2022. The video shows how the student was stripped and brutalised by the lecturer and his family.

Blessing Mathias had earlier in the week had a fight with Emanuella ( Dr. Fred’s Daughter) with an allegation of snatching her boyfriend. It was reported that Emmanuella stole the contact of Blessing’s boyfriend and was assaulted as a result of that. In retaliation Emmanuella came with her whole family to beat up Blessing mercilessly.

Video clips online recorded by the family while assaulting her shows them using belt, sticks, stubborn grass amongst other things to beat her. They however forced her into their car afterwards and drove her into the forest for a girls section beating whilst she begs. The lecturer while in the forest cut her clothes with a pair of scissors. She was later pushed out of the car and abandoned in the forest.

Reports also has it that the culprits were apprehended by the Nigerian police division of Lafia except for Shola, a son of the lecturer who was also an accomplice to the inhumane act who fled.

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