5 Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day Without Breaking The Bank

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and every year, lovers take out time and extra resources to make the day super special for their partner. The day is almost synonymous with expensive, and it can be for those who are coupled up.


While taking the time to celebrate your love is a good thing, spending a fortune is often not the smartest move. So, this year we took our time to put together a few tips to help you celebrate your love without breaking the bank. Check them out:


  • Go somewhere new

You don’t necessarily have to visit fancy restaurants to make the day memorable. Create new memories by visiting inexpensive places like museums, art galleries, the beach and other affordable places.


It’s the perfect opportunity to visit places you and your partner have always intended to get to but never seem to have the time.


  • Play some board games

There are a lot of engaging games to keep you and your love super busy and entertained. The board game world is quite vast, and it might be the perfect time to try out Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess and others. To make it more fun, you can pair up with another couple.


  • Make your partner’s favourite foods at home

Go all out with a beautiful dinner at home! No rule says you have to go out to have an amazing meal together. Light the candles, pour some wine and cook a meal your partner would love. Or better yet, you can cook together and make the other’s favourite food.


  • Watch your favourite shows or movies on Showmax

Stay home and binge-watch all your favourite movies on Showmax. Nothing says cosy more than cuddling up and binge-watching your favourite shows or rewatching classics with your favourite person. You can pick a romantic movie or series to set the mood right.


  • Spend time rediscovering each other

Even after many years, your partner may still surprise you! Try the question game, where you ask the other person something you don’t know about them.

Just remember that your partner’s happiness is the most important thing and it can cost little to make them happy.

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