Henkel Empowers Female Employees on Mental Health

Henkel, a leading multinational consumer goods business committed to empowering its employees, recently organized an exclusive event for its female workforce to encourage mental health advocacy. The transformative gathering, titled “Empowering Women: Unlocking Mental Health Potential for a Balanced Life,” was a resounding success, fostering an environment of support, connection, and growth. The event brought together Henkel Nigeria’s esteemed female workforce in an atmosphere of enlightenment, support, and solidarity.

The event was targeted at women only due to the unique challenges faced by women and their heightened vulnerability to mental health issues.

Distinguished speakers graced the occasion, sharing their invaluable expertise and insights. Yomi Wilcox, esteemed founder of Iya Henry, captivated the audience with her understanding of mental health challenges faced by women and offered practical strategies for managing and overcoming them. Wilcox also emphasised the need for professionals to avoid being gripped by fear and anxiety, especially when dealing with complex projects in their work environment.
Nkem Offonabo, a prominent advocate for work-life balance and founder of the acclaimed Work Life Balance organization, graced the stage as another esteemed speaker. Offonabo shared her expertise and strategies to achieve harmony between work responsibilities and personal well-being. Her guidance provided attendees with practical tools to navigate the demands of a modern-day lifestyle without compromising their mental health. Offonabo worked the women through an exercise themed the “Wheel of Life” which enabled participates recalibrate and prioritize their mental health.

Speaking at the event, Chidera Akwuba, Transformation Manager at Henkel Nigeria, also took the opportunity to highlight the significance of mental health prioritization for women. Drawing from her own experiences and expertise, Akwuba emphasized the importance of self-care, resilience, and seeking support when needed.

“At Henkel Nigeria, we remain committed to the advancement of the welfare of women and dedicated to helping them reach their full potential by ensuring they achieve a balanced work and personal life.
Akwuba added: “We are also passionate about women. We want to understand the unique challenges faced by women and provide valuable insights to enhance their well-being to create a more supportive and inclusive environment in the workplace.”
Akwuba reiterated to the attendees the company’s policies which guarantee diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in its operations, including the protection of women and all employees at the workplace.
Rajat Kapur, Managing Director of Henkel Nigeria, expressed his enthusiasm and full support for the event, stating, “At Henkel Nigeria, we believe that investing in the well-being of our employees is not just a responsibility but a strategic imperative. We are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive work environment where our female employees can thrive. By organizing this event, we aim to raise awareness about mental health and equip our women with the tools and knowledge to lead balanced and fulfilling lives.”

The event facilitated an enriching environment where the female employees of Henkel Nigeria were able to connect with one another on a profound level. Through engaging discussions, participants shared their personal stories, challenges, and triumphs, further strengthening the bonds within the organization. The support and solidarity generated at the event serve as a solid foundation for ongoing initiatives aimed at nurturing mental well-being among Henkel Nigeria’s valued female workforce.

As a company committed to promoting a healthy work environment, Henkel Nigeria understands that a balanced life encompasses both physical and mental well-being. By championing mental health awareness through this exclusive event, Henkel Nigeria demonstrates its dedication to the holistic empowerment of its employees.

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