Health Benefits of Orgasm to Women

Female Orgasm is also known as climax . It is usually achieved when a woman is sexually satisfied. Female Orgasm is a good thing.

One of the ways women can experience orgasm is through a goal-oriented.

– Orgasm is very good for the health of women, it makes you look young both inside and outside.

– It reduce risks of heart attack.

– It releases you of stress and makes you sleep well and deeply.

– It releases hormones to the brain which reduces tension.

We learnt that orgasm is the most sweetest thing a woman can experience in this wide world and that it takes place just within some seconds during sexual intercourse and only 2 out of 5 women experience it.

Below are some tips for women to follow so they can get to the point of orgasm.

– Free your mind, body and soul before going to bed, tune your spirit to sex, put your mind on it even before your husband comes to bed.

– Above all, take more of DATES AND VITAMIN B, it makes you get horny.

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