Words failed me
I’ve weighed the gravity of mother’s love
No one to be compared with your love
I’ve been hurt yet your words gave me love
I’ve been down yet your heart gave me love

Words failed me
Yet I must confess this
Me writing this piece
I appreciate your love is real
I have an inner peace

Words failed me
I’ve realized you are incomparable
Because you are trustable
And of course reliable
Of it all, you are dependable

Words failed me
But I will say this
Forgive and forget all my sins
Because I never knew what you’ve seen
And I didn’t see

Words failed me
You went far as a mother
Went hungry as a mother
Went paled as a mother
Went through the pain as a mother

Words failed me
Now I know what it takes to be a mother
They’ll promise but won’t fulfill like mother
No one is like you mother
The burden you carried no one mother

Words failed me
Thanks for the love we’ve shared together
Thanks for the tears we’ve had together
Thanks for the fight we fought together
Thanks for everything we’ve shared together


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