Happy Children’s Day

Hurray! Today is children day. Watching children grow is the happiness of every woman. On this children day celebration all over the world, parents most especially women gives so much honour and regards to these wonderful kids.

Some women go extra miles to make special delicacy or special snacks for the family as a whole.
On children’s day, mothers also have another privilege of giving some encouragement to kids perhaps he/she having some challenges amidst his pears and classmates.
This made me remember sometimes ago while I was young. Children’s day is indeed a great opportunity for me to have a Tete a Tete gist with my Mum because I know we will be together on the special day. Where ever she goes, I’m quite sure we will also be together and it’s also an avenue of getting gift items from her friends or her customers around her store .
Kudos to mothers. They see almost every thing that happens to us even though we are keeping things from them most especially when it comes to taking drugs or an injection or perhaps we falls and there are bruises.
On this special day, we join the world to celebrate these kids.
Happy Children’s Day Celebration
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