15 Tips to Having a Healthy Pregnancy


Here are few tips to having a healthy pregnancy most especially

1.From 7months which is (28 weeks) till your due date, it is advised to reduce the quantity of your food intake as it is gathered that eating too much at this stage makes the baby get bigger

2.Do at least 2-3 Ultrasound Scan in your pregnancy to show the well-being of your baby.

3.Be well prepared for the arrival of your new born.

4.Don’t forget breakfast, make sure you eat very early in the morning

5. Eat foods with fiber. This is to avoid constipation. Food that contains fiber easily digest.

6.Take prenatal vitamin with iron and folic acid every day. Do not for any reason forget to take your antenatal drugs.

7.  Eat up to 2 average meals a day that contains fish, meat, boiled egg, beans. In other words, eat balance diet.

8.Stay away from soft drinks e.g soda, coloured drinks, it all contains pure sugar.

9. Avoid alcohol. It is strictly advised that pregnant woman should avoid anything that has to do with alcohol.

10. Avoid caffeine. Avoid drinks that contains caffeine.

11. Don’t smoke

12. Drink enough water. This should be a priority for every pregnant woman to keep hydrated.

13. Make fruit a part of your daily intake most especially from 7months which is 28 weeks. It’s advised to take more of fruits than food.

14. Eat vegetables at least 4-5 times a week

15.Empty your bladder as often as the need arises.

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