How to Prepare Isi Ewu

Isi Ewu is a delicious meal made from the goat head. It is commonly eaten in the eastern part of Nigeria.

Some people confused Isi Ewu with Nkwobi although they have similar ingredients in making them both.

Below are my recipes in making Isi Ewu

Goat head
Utasi leaf
Red oil


Parboil your goat head, spice it with salt, seasoning and cook it till it is soft, bring down.

Pound your fresh pepper especially that yellow pepper, add potash and palm oil, make it thick that’s the sauce, add your goat head meat, crawfish, salt and little seasoning turn it very well, taste and see if salt is ok.

Dish it on a plate or small bowl garnish it with utasi leaf and onion.

Your Isi Ewu is ready.

This delicious food is irresistible to anyone even tasting it for a very first time.

It tastes so yummy and easy to prepare

When you eating it don’t forget to step it down with a fruit wine or any drink of your choice.

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