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2023 Presidency: Khadijah Okunnu-Lamidi Shares Her 5-point Agenda For Nigeria

2023 Presidential aspirant, Khadija Okunnu-Lamidi, has disclosed the 5-pillars she would use to tackle most of the prevailing issues in Nigeria.

Speaking with this reporter, she highlighted industrialisation, women inclusion, education and innovation, governance and welfare, law and security, as her proposed solutions to Nigeria’s problems.


The media professional said she intends to merge all specific projects to create a product that can be easily evaluated in 10 years.

She said, “The way we intend to go about it is to create a vision for what we want the country to look like. There are specific projects, but rather than having them as projects we need to combine them to create products, whereby in 10 years, we want to have this amount of industrialization in this area.

“So we are creating jobs, employment, health services, everywhere you have an industrial path, and powering them with the energy sector. By this, we are also creating an enabling environment for investors, and a safe place for skill acquisition and transfer of knowledge.”

Women Inclusion

An Okunnu-Lamidi-led government will advocate for a 50% inclusion rare for women in politics and governance.

In her words, “as a woman, I cannot but champion these policies for us to have a 50% women inclusion rate.

She explained that this is what Nigeria needs if leaders must make good decisions. She also noted that women determine the wealth of the nation.

It is definitely what we need if we are going to make good decisions. Women’s inclusion ensures that policies are able to carry along as many women as possible. There’s a woman in every household. If you do not enable these women, the poorer the women the poorer the nation,” she said.

Education and Innovation

The 38-year-old, who hails from Lagos Island, noted that Nigeria is yet to meet world standards, and if elected, her government would bridge the knowledge and application gap between the nation and the rest of the world through technology.

Our children here can learn the same things that their counterparts are learning across the world. This also helps us in the application of knowledge. What we do in Nigeria is to only teach, we do not actually teach to apply knowledge, or how to think in different scenarios and situations.

“We have put these two hand-in-hand (education and innovation) because where we are at the moment is so far behind that we have to use technology to meet the standards of the world.”

Governance and Welfare

Mrs Okunnu-Lamidi said that the Nigerian government has missed its essence of governance by competing with local businesses.

We think governance is business, that is why governments are competing with businesses, that is wrong government.

She further said her government, if elected, will ensure that the government agencies and parastatals will focus on their functions in order to elevate people living “beneath the dignity average of human existence.”

Law and Security

Without law, there is no order“, Okunnu-Lamidi said. She explained that the state of security in the country can be controlled by law and justice.

So we put law and security hand-in-hand so that the justice system can work very closely with the security system and we can solve our security issues through legal means.”

The presidential aspirant, who is the daughter of former Federal Commissioner of Works and Housing, Lateef Femi Okunnu (SAN), officially declared her intention to run for the Office of the President of Nigeria in 2023 in January 2022

The founder and chief executive officer of Slice Media Solutions disclosed that she is motivated to vie for the presidency because of her desire to restore hope and make Nigeria work for all Nigerians.









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