Woman with World’s Largest Feet Calls Out Shoemakers, Shoe Manufacturers

Tanya Herbert has the largest feet of any living woman according to Guinness World Records.

“I have the world’s largest foot on a living female. My foot measures at 33 centimeters long. I wear a size 16-17 in men’s and a size 18 in women’s.”

But finding shoes in her size is difficult,finding ones she loves is even harder.

She’s now reaching out to shoemakers in the hope of designing stylish women’s shoes for big feet.

“Yes, since my record went public in November, multiple women have reached out to me. Close to 50 women have reached out to me saying, ‘Thank you for sharing your story, I wear a size 14 in women’s and it’s so difficult for me to find shoes,’ and so they ask me where I find my shoes at. And they wear size 15 in women’s, so it’s been very motivational to me, to hear all these women reaching out to me saying, ‘Yes, we need your help, we need to get these shoe manufacturing companies to listen and hear us that we’re out here, we have big feet, we want cute shoes!’”

Credit: Reuters

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