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WATER AID: International Women’s Day 2021 Charity Photo Session

WATER AID has brought together 9 beautiful women from a spectrum of fields in Nigeria to commemorate International Women’s Day 2021 with a charity photoshoot session.

The 2030 agenda pledge to leave-no-one-behind is manifest in this unit of women who represent every woman across Africa and beyond.

It is our priority to renegotiate our stake in this new and unfolding world post-COVID, and to amplify how unity in leadership allows us break more glass ceilings and achieve more.

We #ChooseToChallenge pervasive stereotypes which groom women to the idea that we do not work together for mutual good and are instead in constant competition to bring each other down. These ideas are not true and are just one of the issues which must be highlighted for emotional strength and sustained advocacy.

In addition, this IWD social impact campaign which is fuelled and driven by women passionate to further propagate our voices is evidence that women do work together. And very well too.

As we intentionally support and celebrate women; indigenous female-owned/managed businesses collaborated to capture this compelling story.

We thank all the ladies here for their commitment, enthusiasm and determination to make a difference for women here in Nigeria & beyond listening to us, and working with us.


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