Ginger: A herbal cleanser for Fertility Purpose

Ginger is a yellowish green plant and a leafy stem with the rhizome which is the underground part of the stem that is commonly used as a spice as it is commonly called ginger root.

Asides from the cleansing function, it has other it calms nauseating, it keeps mouth healthy, soothes sore muscles and many more

As a woman, If you are healthy without any  health issues like fibroid,cysts and your husband has no health issues like low sperm count etc and you’ve been trying to conceive but no positive result, all you might need to do is just a little herbal cleanser

Below are the ginger Recipe:

Get One root of ginger and a cup of water .

How to prepare;

Wash your ginger,peel off the skin and grate or blend.pour a cup of water in the pot and let it boil.Pour your boiled water in a cup ,add your blended or grated ginger to it and stir.You now cover the cup,leave it covered for about 15 minutes.After 15 minutes,you sieve and drink .
Take this recipe 30 minutes earlier before breakfast and also take it at the  last day of your menstrual period. Apply this only for once.
After taking this recipe,walk around for sometime and wait for the magic.
Ginger does magic!

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