Peppered puff puff Recipe

Puff puff is a common snacks in every part of Nigeria that is being eaten both at homes and parties. Some prefers it plain while some prefers it spiced. But on this recipe, it  will be spiced to have a special taste. Below are the recipe


For about 20 balls of Puff Puff

200g (1½ cups) plain flour (all purpose flour)

2 teaspoons yeast (instant or quick action)

½ teaspoon ground nutmeg

¼ cup granulated sugar (or to your taste)

1 habanero pepper (atarodo, ose oyibo, atarugu)

3 pinches of salt

1 cup warm water

Vegetable Oil (for frying)



Sift the flour into a clean dry bowl, add the nutmeg, yeast, sugar and salt. Mix well.

Add warm water and mix till everything is well combined.

Cover the bowl with aluminum foil or plastic film and place in a warm place to rise for 45 minutes or till double in size.

Cut the habanero pepper into tiny pieces and add the batter. Stir very well.

Pour some oil in a deep pot and allow to heat up. The oil should be at least 3 inches deep. This is to give room for the puff puffs to swim in the oil. It’s not advisable to use a deep fryer for Puff Puff because of the netting but if you want to use it, set the temperature to 170°C.

Test that the oil is hot enough by putting a drop of batter into the oil. If it sizzles and comes up to the surface of the oil, then the oil is hot enough. If the oil is not hot enough, the batter will go down to the bottom of the oil and stay there.

When the oil is hot enough, scoop some batter into the oil with an ice cream scoop.

Put in more scoops of the batter, as much as the space in the frying pot will allow without overcrowding.

Reduce the heat to medium.

Once the underside of the puff puff has turned golden brown, flip the ball so that the topside will be fried as well.

When the puff puff balls are golden all over, take them out and place in a sieve lined with paper towels.

Serve with a chilled drink of your choice.

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