Why is my womb always hot?

This was the question a patient asked from my childhood friend who happens to be a Gynaecologist. She said she had three miscarriages to hotness of the womb in fact now she has stopped trying for a baby after trying so many remedies including taking a 6 months break and trying to conceive again none of which worked.

According to the Gynaecologist, she said some women feel very hot from the inside but they have normal temperature outside the body. There are some people who sweat profusely when this internal heat begins but others don’t sweat outside, they feel the heat internally without sweating.

 Internal heat occurs irrespective of whether the atmosphere is hot or not. The excessive heat is however not good for the foetus in the womb, for one thing it won’t nourish the baby and it also hinders conception. If it’s from birth, it usually make women barren, but if it happens accidentally it could be as a result of internal and external medicines, too much hot meat, drink, and exercise.

Causes of Internal Heat in the body

Internal heat is not a disease, it’s rather a symptom or sign from your body that something is wrong but when the cause is found and treated, the internal heat stops surfacing. Here are some of the other causes of internal heat;


Hot atmosphere which makes it impossible for the body to regulate it’s temperature through sweating.

Improper clothing. 

Exposing the body parts in the sun can also cause internal heat.

Too much exercises

Strenuous exercises too can also cause internal heat


Some drugs and stimulants like cocaine, marijuana can also cause internal heat

Mental and emotional stress (anxiety)

Being anxious of something or putting something in mind which might cause you to be restless can also cause internal heat


such as infections, stomach ulcer, malaria, high blood pressure, insomnia, seizures, muscular agitations, neurological disorders, rare tumors and lots more.

Your homework then is to study your body and know what triggers the internal heat as the cause varies from person to person. When you find out the cause, then you can try as much as possible to avoid it.

Tips to fight internal heat

Avoid hot and spicy food, oily and fried foods, foods rich in calcium, caffeine, alcohol, cigarette smoke.

Never wait until you are dehydrated before drinking water, have a bottle of water with you always.

Wear the right type of clothing depending on the weather

Breathe slowly and deeply

Stay in a cool environment especially at night

Home remedies for internal heat

What you need:

An immature coconut

A jar of pure honey

How to prepare;

Stick a knife or a sharp object into the coconut eye

Pour the coconut water into a cup.

Break the coconut and scoop out the coconut meat with a knife.

Pour the coconut water, coconut meat and a few teaspoon of honey into a high speed blender. Blend at low speed, then switch to high speed.

Blend until you can no longer see the pieces of coconut meat.

Use a sieve to sieve out the unblended particles.

Leave it in the fridge to cool. It can last for at least four days in the fridge.

 Drink half a glass every night.

The ingredient coconut water, coconut meat and honey all have great benefits, the benefits of which can never be overemphasized.

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