Women’s Health and Daily Routine


Taking bath often has a health benefit to every woman. Always take a bath at least twice a day. This help to refresh body and often smells nice even without applying any body fragrance.


Please always shave your pubic hairs neat, some married folks after few kids they stop taking care of themselves saying they are now married or old, there by allowing their pubic hairs. Pubic hairs attracts heat and heat causes odour so please help your self and shave .


please learn to dress well and look neat and sexy. I don’t say dress indecently but at least look smart and sweet not tying wrapper like some old local lady, Some will even tie same wrapper for days without washing making the wrapper smell bad, Pls Wear nice skirts, tops, polo. Shorts, leggings if you wear trousers.


Yes you are married. But being married doesn’t give you the right to stop taking care of yourself. Panties are cheap, throw away the stain and old ones and wash and spread them privately. Doing this gives confidence.


Do you know that many married women don’t use perfumes or deodorants anymore ? for years you have never used perfume, body spray or deodorants for armpits.

Please try and get some nice perfumes, deodorants that you can afford and smell nice .


Women should always look after their hair, if you don’t have the Money to plait or weave often at least for it to be neat, it is advisable to go on a low cut and in fact you might even look more beautiful on a low cut.

All these mentioned above are very important to work on as women. As these things can promote longevity and happiness. Let people admires you with your appearances most especially your husbands.

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